How to do Kindle ebook Conversion of Old Printed Books?

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Whoever wants to have their books – be it a fresh manuscript or an old printed book, in an eBook format and to sell them to the eBook reader lot, they should get it converted into the No.1 eBook format – the Kindle’s AZW format, which has gained popularity far and wide around the universe. In spite of the facts that Kindle devices could not support the widely accepted ePub format or any other format of eBooks other than its own AZW format and that Kindle eBooks could be read only in the Kindle devices as well as Reader Apps, Amazon’s Kindle eReader devices and eBooks are preferred by majority of the eBook readers due to their unique features and top quality, which are available at reasonable prices. Reading experience is indeed enjoyable in the handheld Kindle Reader devices offered by Amazon. So, for those who have old printed book get convert into digital ebooks using the formatting services providers like eBook enhancers. Further, the eBooks of Amazon’s Kindle, in its proprietary AZW format, gives the reader the experience of reading a physical book in an eReader device.

Due to the fast-growing requirement for eBooks and eReader devices by the reader population throughout the world, the need for conversion of printed books into ePub and Kindle’s AZW formats has become a must. However old or incompatible a physical book may be, conversion into an eBook format – KF8 conversion as well as ePub is possible, though it is a difficult process. The cost involved would vary depending on the complexities.

Thus, to get eBook conversion of your physical books done effectively, approach a reputed eBook conversion service provider who specializes in Kindle conversion and ePub conversion and handover the task to them to get a top quality output. The service provider will get your printed versions scanned and have the pages as high quality image files.

These image files will then be converted into PDF files, which will further be converted to make it as a text searchable file through a process called OCR conversion. Once this is done, the OCR converted PDF will be converted into the acceptable eBook formats such as Kindle’s AZW or ePub or both, as required by you.

Which is the Best Choice of eBook Conversion? ePub or Kindle Conversion or Both?

kindle ebook conversionThe need for eBooks, which has become the most preferable form of books of majority of the readers, is rapidly growing. People have become tired of turning the pages of heavy-weight physical books. Moreover, they have less time left to read books from their book shelves and have no time to dust-off those big, big books. They gaze at their book shelves when they get ready to leave for their job at 7.00 or 8.00 a.m. in the morning and return from work after 9.00 p.m., when they are required just to eat up something and move to bed, in order to get ready for the next day’s chores, with a deep breath – expressing their inability to read their favorite books, which they had been buying at the book fairs and favorite book shops, whenever they got time, in the past.

Favorite Ebooks format – epub or kindle?

If you are one among those, who would love to read your favorite books but have no time or means to do that, stop worrying. You can get your physical books into eBooks and carry all of them in a handheld eReader, to read them during your off times at office or any other leisure time you could get.   Spare a weekend or two to pick your favorite books from your shelf and get them packed. Now, browse the internet and find out a reliable service provider who could transform your physical books into ideal eBooks like You may go for Kindle conversion (if you will opt to use a Kindle eReader, which is available at a cheaper price than the iPad but is the most wanted brand) or ePub conversion, which is also a popular eBook format that could be used in all eReaders except Kindle.

However, if you are an author, who would like to publish your first eBook in digital form in order to reach a big group of audience, then, you should opt for Kindle conversion as, Amazon’s Kindle eBook Store is the No.1 among the five leading publishing and marketing platforms of eBooks even though Kindle eBooks could be read only in Kindle eReader as well as reading apps. Kindle readers could read only the proprietary file format of Amazon, the AZW file format. Therefore, it is required to get your manuscript converted into the Kindle-specific AZW file format. If you could be successful enough in reaching the Kindle audience, you can proceed with converting your next eBooks in ePub as well as Kindle formats, in order to reach the total eBook readers across the globe. However, the conversion to Kindle involves conversion of the manuscript first into the ePub format, which will then be converted into the Kindle’s AZW format of eBook.

Physical book to ebook formatNevertheless, to be successful, you need to produce your files in the acceptable eBook formats. You need to outsource the conversion processes in order to ensure top quality output. The online publishing platforms offer automatic conversion, available for free too. But, these are not reliable for quality, as automated processes often end up in a messy output – the readers will get irritated due to a bad reading experience and would not prefer to buy your books due to this, though your book is of great value, with well-written content. Refer: Best Suggestions to Write and Publish an eBook.

Video about Physcial books vs Ebook:

Therefore, find out a service provider, who is well-versed in handling Kindle conversion as well as ePub conversion. When choosing the service provider, you should choose the one who have years of experience with proven records. You can ask them to provide you with samples of their works, before finalizing them as your service provider.

Best Suggestions to Write and Publish an eBook

Write and Publish an eBook

Writing a book and publishing has been enabled easy with the advent of computer and internet. Books are enabled to be published fast online in electronic format, that is, as eBooks. If you have best writing skills and great interest in writing books, do not hesitate, go ahead and put your unique ideas on different subjects in your own style into a book and get it reached to the world of readers around the globe.

Content is the Book – Concentrate on Content

Choose always interesting / useful subjects to write. Use correct language, spellings and grammar. Say things in interesting manner to keep the reader continue reading without a pause. Get your content edited thoroughly before publishing. Handover your manuscript to a well-experienced service provider to prepare(epub or kindle conversion) and design your eBook with top quality looks and user-friendly readability features.

Minimize use of jargons. Short sentences and paragraphs should only be used and long sentences or big paragraphs should be avoided as much as possible

Catchy and Search Engine-Friendly Titles

Obviously, you could start writing with a subject, which could be the title of the book. Yet, it is important to have the title framed with catchy words, incorporating key words that could cause the search engines to rank your book in the initial pages. Moreover, the title should say what the book is about.

Gorgeous Book Cover

Book cover with the catchy title is what viewed by the readers at the first sight. Therefore, it is much important to design a very professional book cover, which may be done perfectly through a professional graphic designer.

book marketing
Engaging Contents to Market the Book

Engaging content should put your book in a nutshell for the readers to get kindled to read your eBook, in an interesting manner that the reader should not feel it to be a marketing advertisement. The readers should be addressed directly, as much as possible.   This will make the readers feel very comfortable and they will not think that they are reading a book but will feel as if someone is talking to them on matters of their interest.

Have a title together with suitable photograph and have the content written in such a way that readers get interested to learn more and thus opt to buy your book. Sidebars could be utilized to provide engaging content about your eBook, which are best options to drag the readers into your book.

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